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Know Your Best Target Audience And Display Your Google Ads to Them


Place your advertisement to your target market on the platform of Google Adwords because in search cases Google Search is giant.

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google adwords conversion data for woocommerce

Track Your WooCommerce Store With Google Adwords


Start to track your woo store by Google Adwords is very easy, just need to insert your Account ID, provide the labels for each event, and start tracking.

Amazing!! Now You Can Send Your Woo Customers Purchase Data To Google Ad platform


Retarget those customers who already purchased from your woo store and send those purchase data to your Google Adwords platform for easily remarketting them later.

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Track Your Registered Member On Your Store To Retarget them


Do you know who are your registered member they are few steps away of becoming your customers. By sending this data to your Google Adwords Conversion platform you can easily retarget them.

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