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Custom URl for Internal & External Linking

The Main Goal of Internal Linking

Internal linking has 3 main purposes:

  1. Easy to navigate website
  2. It will related to the hierarchy of a website
  3. To rank the page authority it will works most


internal link manager
internal link manager for SEO

What You Should Remember When You Are Going To Link Your Content Internally?


  • Enter Your Keyword and Click Search with our Keyword planner tools
  • Find the best suitable keywords for your business to see the low competitive keywords
  • Use anchor text for better SEO

  • Always use natural linking method for better understanding to your readers
  • Must use relevant links
  • Use always follow links because its brings good result on SERP’s
  • Create internal links with a very few not tons of linking because google don’t like

Custom URL for Internal & External Linking


By using this feature you can easily link your article with a custom url. So now SEO is in your hand.

internal link manager for SEO

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