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Advanced Woocommerce Conversion Tracking, Live Sales Notification, Interlinks Manager, SEO Image Optimizer, Keyword Research Plugin Helps You to Boost Your SEO & Better Targeting For Both WordPress & WooCommerce Platform

google adwords keyword planner image

Google KeyWord Planner

We have implemented a great and profitable KeyWord planning features with this plugin to help you to find the best low competitive google ranking & advertisement placement Keywords for your business to get higher ranking on google.

By using this Google Keyword Planner features you will get benefits from both platform WordPress & WooCommerce.

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yoast seo

Yoast Focus Keyword Generator

If you are using yoast seo plugin for wordpress blog or woocommerce websites or amazon affiliate websites then you need to place your focus keyword and most of the marketer doesn’t know how yaost focus keyword played an important role for higher ranking on google.

So, don’t need to worry by using our Woocommerce Conversion Tracking, Live Sales Notification, Interlinks Manager, SEO Image Optimizer, Keyword Research plugin’s Yoast Focus Keyword generator will helps you to find the right keywords for your Business and you can add & capable to generate your Yoast focus keyword within a sec.

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yoast focus kw add banner
low competitive kw rank on google

Low Competitive Keyword Finder

Woocommerce Conversion Tracking, Live Sales Notification, Interlinks Manager, SEO Image Optimizer, Keyword Research Plugin are providing magical features like by this plugin you can find those keywords which you can rank in Google Search very easily. When you search to find profitable Keywords to rank on google just search your keywords with our Keyword planner  tools and our tools will give you the low competitive Keyword results.

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Find Keywords & Save It

With our plugin you can easily find the best Advert competitive keywords or Google Rank keywords for your business and you can save those list to use it later. Thats mean whenever you get time just implement those keywords for your content. Now you are done and your competitor will never defeat your business.

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save your analysed kw list
add auto tags

Add Custom Tags from Keyword Planner

To save your time and money you can add your tags from our keyword Planners features. You can easily find out the valuable tags from our Keyword Planner tools and add them to your custom tags. We believe time save means more money.

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Boost-up Your SEO & Sales

How Our Keyword Planners Helps You To Boost-up Your SEO & Sales?

Lot of our users request us to build a plugin to solve the Adwords Keyword Planner issues. Our most of the users are very busy to enhance their business & they don't know how to analyse the best effective Keywords for their business, Which keyword will brings more money for their paid advertisement into Google or Facebook or Twitter. Also they don't know which keyword will rank more in Google search results & many more.

To solve all the issues we built this Keyword Planner features. Use it and be relax!!

Keyword Analysis

Find the best keywords without knowing anything about Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool.

Low Competitive Keyword Finder

Easily find the best & low competitive keyword for your Campaign & Google ranking

Add Custom Tags to Boost SEO

Add Auto Custom Tags from Our Keyword Planner, save your time & boost your SEO & Sales.

Yoast Focus Keyword Generator

Auto focus keyword generator for Yoast SEO Plugin.

Save Your Analysed Keyword List

Are you busy? Don't worry. Analyse your keyword list and save it for later use.

Find Best KW for Ad Campaign

Don't know which keyword is best for your Campaign? Use our KW Planner

Target to Right People by Sending Advanced WooCommerce Conversion Data

Facebook Conversion

Facebook conversion tracking features will helps you to remaket your customer. This feature will send users data like who viewed your products, added to cart, searched, purchased and registered, from your Facebook Ads you can get the most out of your ROI when you remarket to them.

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facebook coversion
google adworss

Google Adwords Conversion

Targeting the right people Google Adwords Conversion tool is a great place. At first add your Google Adwords Account ID and send your purchase events along with purchase labels, to Google’s own platform. For your paid advertisement to get better ideas for remarketing  to the right targeted people you will get most out of it.

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Twitter Conversion

If your customer added any products to the cart or done successful purchases or registration completions from your websites then our advanced Twitter conversion tracking send those data to your Twitter Conversions for better retargeting Advert.

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twitter conversion
custom platform tracking conversion

Custom Platform Conversion

If you don’t like above Conversion platform and also you don’t like to be restricted then connect the platform of your choice with JavaScript tracking scripts feature!

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How It Works ?

Curious to know what is the working process and wants to see at a glance how it works?

User Data

When User Visits/Interact With Your Woo Store

Conversion Data

By This Plugin You Can Sends Conversion Data To Selected Ad Platform

Trigger Event

When Your Users Triggers An Specific Event

Retarget Customers

Retarget Your Customers from Your Selected Platforms & Earn Extra

For Your Woo Store Our Plugin Has Advance Conversion Tracking Options

For Your Woo Store Our Plugin Has Advance Conversion Tracking Options

We Are Giving a Quick Installation manual With Our WP SEO & Sales Booster Plugin

Easily You Can Manage Multiple Add Platforms from One Place. So enJoy!!

Get Your Conversion Data from Your Ad Media Platform and Retarget Them

Save Your Precious Time, Focus Your Business and Don't Need To Handle The Custom Coding.

Best Used for & Benefits You Get

How our WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Features  helps you to earn more money –

  • You will get advanced user behavioural data
  • Which product or page or post mostly liked by your users
  • Whom are interest to register on your site?
  • You can track your visitors and enhance your WooCommerce Business
  • You will get detail oriented data for Analytics
  • You can place better Ad Campaigns to retarget your market
  • ROI will be increased from All media investment
  • Easily can trackable the popular products conversion

Live Sales Notification for Frontend Users (Recent Sales PopUps)

Why Live Sales Notification ?

Without buying an item 84-90% web visitors around the globe leave an online store. It’s happened for many reasons like trusty lacking, web engagement, and authenticity prevents new visitors from placing an order. By using our Woocommerce Conversion Tracking, Live Sales Notification, Interlinks Manager, SEO Image Optimizer, Keyword Research Plugin Live Sales Notification’s features will help you to return those 84-90% visitors by showing them recent sales notifications. 

This Live Sales Notification features will show a popups features to your customers about recent sales notification. So, when visitors watched that many users are buying from your web then your customers are buying from this brand, they will be more confident in making the first purchases.

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live sales notofications
business dissertation topics


Is Live Sales Notification Suitable for All Businesses ?

You will be glad to know that Live Sales Notification features is suitable for all businesses of any size. Especially, this features has been designed for completely new websites whom are not getting many orders from their customers. 

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Custom Sales Notification

This plugin will helps you to built custom notification for your customers. You can easily set the custom sales boost-up notifications from backend like hot sales news or best sellers or recently purchases notification

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sales notification
live sale notification key features

Highlighted Key Features


  • Auto frontend Sync for any real order sales data 
  • You can create custom sales notification messages to promote any items or goods for your customers 
  • In our Live Sales Notification Settings page you will find lot of popups design to match with any store’s look & feel like you can change the background color, transitions, positioning etc.


Live Sales Notifications At A Glance...​

Syncing Notifications

Real time sales or order data syncing with your woocommerce store frontend to generate live sales notification.

Display Real Names & Locations of Purchases

To increase the trustiness and authenticity of your customer, you can show the real name of your buyers and locations like this: “Sera from Elpaso, Texas has just bought a Tops 5 min Ago”.

Popup Link With The Products

This is a very interesting features. With your custom product notifications you can add the product link. So, if your visitors are interested to the product then they can click the displayed notification and view the product details page.

Mobile Resonsive Design

Our plugin is compatible with the mobile. So, you can display your sales live notification on any devices you like.

Create Your Own Live Sales Notification Design

We have built this features with a very rich settings panel. By using our settings panel you can design your sales notification popup as whatever you like. It has huge flexibility.

Custom Notifications

Are you worried with your new woo stores because you haven't got many orders from your customer's. yet? No worries because our features helps you to get more orders by creating some custom sales notifications to promote your items.

Internal & External Links Manager for SEO & Sales Boost-up


How Internal & External Links Manager Works?

If you want to link any keyword from your website with a custom internal or external link then our Internal & External Links Manager will help you to do this job. Just put your keyword with the destination url, then see the magic. All matching keyword from your website will be linked by your given URL.

Lets see a example – You are selling books from your woocommerce store. There you have one category named “Books for Kids” & your url is http://example.com/books-kids and inside your product details you have written “kids book” word & now you wants to link this keyword with the link of http://example.com/books-kids. So, when you put the keywords “Kids book” and URL – http://example.com/books-kids from your settings then it will automatically linked wherever this keywords appears on your website.


internal links manager
internal external link building is important banner


Is Internal & External Link Building Is Important ? 

Many of our users asked us that is internal or external link building still do any SEO effect on google search results? Before giving the answer at first you have to understand that there are lot of factors works for ranking & Google has its own power to consider.

Internal and external links are very vital component of a strong SEO strategy and helps you to boost-up SEO ranking power with sales. It may take time to get the internal or external link building results on search results but after a time period you will get the results. According to Google data it will brings 10% SEO effects for your specific Keywords. That’s mean its huge.

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Create Auto Image Attributes From Image Filename With A Bulk Updater


Is Image Attributes from File Name Worked for New & Existing Images?

Already uploaded the images to your websites and forgot to put alt, title, caption or description Images attributes? Don’t worry our Auto Image Attributes From Image Filename will help you to put auto Images attribute automatically.

Our plugin has ability to update image attributes for both new images and existing images in the media library.

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image attribute from file name
auto image attribute from file name


How This Image Attributes From Images File Name Helps You?

  • Images Title can be set from Images file name
  • Images Caption can be set from Images file name
  • Images Description can be set from Images file name
  • Images Alt Text can be set from Images file name
  • Wrote Images Filename with hyphens. No worries, hyphens will be remove automatically from the images filename.
  • Wrote Images Filename with underscores. No worries, underscores will be remove automatically from the image filename.
  • Auto full stops remove from Images file name
  • Auto Comma remove from Images file name
  • Remove your all numbers from your Images filename


Overview & FAQ

  • For Keyword Planner features must need to be installed SOAP on your server.
  • Required WooCommerce Plugin
  • Required Yoast SEO plugin for add auto focus kw
  • WordPress Version above 3.0
  • Php Version above 5.6 (Recommend 7.1)

Please visit this link to install the free version - https://wpseobooster.com/wp-seo-sales-booster-docs/

Please visit this link to upgrade the license -https://wpseobooster.com/wp-seo-sales-booster-docs/

Please visit this link to setup the Keyword Planner features - https://wpseobooster.com/wp-seo-sales-booster-docs/

Please visit this link to setup the WooCommerce  Conversion Tracking - https://wpseobooster.com/wp-seo-sales-booster-docs/

Please visit this link to setup the live sales notification with popup - https://wpseobooster.com/wp-seo-sales-booster-docs/

Please visit this link to setup the internal link manager features - https://wpseobooster.com/wp-seo-sales-booster-docs/

Please visit this link to setup the auto image attributes features - https://wpseobooster.com/wp-seo-sales-booster-docs/

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